Healthcare Management Software and AI/HUMAN Interactions

Healthcare Management Software is one of the major ways that the technology industry is trying to insert themselves into the healthcare space. There are many ways that technology and healthcare can intersect or conflate and we shall discourse them below.

Healthcare Management Software and Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to talking about modern technology or talking about the future of technology, artificial intelligence is always at the forefront of such conversations. Artificial intelligence technology is advancing at a fast pace and it is being applied in more groundbreaking ways each day. Because of this, Artificial intelligence is becoming more accepted and the adoption rate increases every day including in the healthcare management software space. Healthcare systems have to process a lot of data and artificial intelligence makes this easier and more efficient. This combination of technology and healthcare in addition to the input of everyday healthcare professionals can take healthcare management to great heights hitherto unheard of. Artificial intelligence helps amplify existing technology and makes things easier for healthcare professionals who use that technology in their day to day activities such as attending to patients, setting up care plans, and even doing research work. Artificial intelligence software like augmented intelligence or augmented reality show great potential in the healthcare field. In the next 10 years, there will be groundbreaking advancements in both technology and healthcare in areas that many think impossible.

Big Data

Big data is another buzzword or buzz phrase used in technology. This is because more and more people are realizing the power and usefulness of big data and with advanced technology, big data can be tapped and applied in ways that they couldn’t before. Another reason is that data is growing at a faster pace than ever before. With better access to technology and data creating devices, everyone is creating data. People are making videos, taking pictures, writing blogs etc and this is just more and data being created that can be tapped. Also, there has been an advent of ways that data can be interpreted. Almost every activity that humans do these days can be tracked. What you buy, where you go, what you like on social media, etc. All this accumulates to big data which can be used to make healthcare decisions and make products or services that can be useful to the entire population.

Deep Learning Technology

Deep learning is a technology that pairs well with human intelligence and as such could be a good area for doctors and nurses in the healthcare space. Deep learning can also be applied I fraud detection, patient management, big data analysis, illness diagnosis, and population health management.  Deep learning is also being applied to many other industries. It is used in the space race, in climate modeling, in the financial industry, customer care, inventions, manufacturing etc.

Final Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Management Software

Sometimes data can appear to be what it’s not. Especially with big data that has layers and layers of data and types of data being reported in different forms. It is risky and can even be damaging to an organization if they interpret the data based on just what it appears to be on the surface. Sometimes data can present certain trends and patterns that when studies further mean something else. This is why having the right data visualizations tools is also a good thing. But data visualization is just at the end stage after more in-depth analysis has been done. Professionally trained data analysts and data scientist should be hired and put in charge of breaking down big data and interpreting it correctly and efficiently. This, of course, leads back to the argument that humans can never be replaced by machines. The proponents against artificial intelligence argue that no matter how advanced technology, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning gets, they can never be as efficient as humans. The might computer data faster and store up more data but they can never mimic or replace the human factor. Human instincts and human intuition. Despite this, the convergence of artificial technology with everyday life has made people more receptive to it. With home accessible artificial intelligence technology like Apple’s Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa, people are more exposed tot he concept and are getting more and more welcoming to the idea of it. Even if you don’t have these devices, you can still be exposed to artificial intelligence though chatbots, and applications like Spotify, Netflix, and Pandora. It is also used in customer service industries and for marketing and campaign building. Those who do not like the idea of intelligence and are not receptive to it will soon find it increasingly difficult to avoid.